Bird Deterrent Spikes

Kent Bird Control pigeons and seagull spikes.

We install pigeon and seagull spikes to remove pest birds from properties in Kent.

Our bird control company in Kent install bird spikes to stop pigeons or gulls from landing, perching and roosting on your property.

Bird spikes have long been one of the best, and most effectivePigeon deterrent spikes methods of bird control which will stop the most determined pigeons or seagulls.

Anti roosting bird spikes can also work in conjunction with other products such as pigeon and seagull netting depending on the problem at your property in Kent.

The advantages of installing pigeon or seagull spikes.

Bird spikes are made in either high quality UV-Stabilised polycarbonate plastic or stainless steel.

We have a range of bird spikes that we can fit that is not only determined by the type of pest bird but where they are landing.

Fitting bird spikes in Kent.

We can install anti perching/roosting spikes to:

Brick ledges

Roof edges

Shop signage

Roof ridges

Shaped brickwork and other materials


Bird spikes have a range of accessories and fittings which means we can install them virtually anywhere.

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