Bird Netting

Kent Bird Control pigeons and seagull netting.

We install pigeon and seagull netting to remove pest birds from properties in Kent.

Bird netting is one of our most popular bird control products that can be installed in any number of ways.

It is very versatile and can be installed over a very large expanse or Bird control nettingthe smallest of areas.

Once installed it requires no maintenance and due to the design of the type of bird netting we use it will not gather debris.

Not only is pigeon and seagull netting a flexible product but it is also fire retardant and very strong keeping the most determined of pest birds at bay.

The advantages of installing pigeon or seagull netting.

Bird netting is available in a number of different colours from black to translucent and is designed to blend with the building.

There to do its job, but not be an eyesore! We will look at the best option for your premises when carrying out our site survey and look at any access points that may be required.

Fitting bird netting in Kent.

We can install bird netting to protect:
Air conditioning units
Flat roofs (Other products available for this method as well)
Building fascias and voids
Many more uses!

Pigeon/gull netting access.

Should you require it we can install net zips which will allow you to have access to areas such as boiler houses on roofs, gantries or inspection hatches.

In addition we can also install clips around lighting should you need access to change bulbs or carry our repairs.

We also install other products such as anti roosting/perching bird spikes which can work alongside netting depending on the problem.

Get in touch today with our bird control company in Kent for any type of pigeon or seagull problem. Call us on 01233 500332 or 07802 270407