Bird Problems

Kent Bird Control for pest pigeon and seagull problems.

Problems caused by pest pigeons and seagulls in Kent.

Once pigeons or seagulls find a suitable place to perch or nest you will find, in very quick time that their friends will join them too!

Nuisance birds can then cause considerable damage to property often by dislodging roof tiles, blocking guttering from nesting material and droppings and potential damage from acidic content to building fabric.

During the nesting season it is not uncommon for seagulls in particular, to become aggressive to protect their young. We often receive calls from concerned customers about seagulls swooping down on them at their homes.

Other types of problems caused by pigeons and gulls.

The faeces of feral pigeons represent a health and safety issue to employees and to members of the public. The risk of contagion is farbird control problems higher if droppings are allowed to build up.

Pigeons are known carriers of a number of diseases that can effect humans such as pseudo tuberculosis, psittacosis and salmonellosis.

It is fair to say that the risk of infection is low but nevertheless does present a health and safety issue for members of the public or those who have to work near to bird fouling.

Identifying pigeon and seagull problems.

Pigeons and gulls by nature, will not only look for a safe, warm and protected haven but one where food sources are readily available.

If you, your neighbour or colleagues are feeding the birds you are only encouraging the problem and it should be stopped immediately.

Should you start to see a build up of droppings or increased bird activity get in touch with us.

We can visit your premises to discuss the best way to deal with your pest bird problem in Kent. Our aim is always to be with you within 24 hours.

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